Monday Jul 25 2022
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TWICE's Nayeon talks about 'POP!' success in latest interview

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TWICE's Nayeon gave an interview to Korean Magazine Dazed about her successful solo debut and the pressure that came along.

Nayeon became the first soloist to reach top 10 of Billboard's 200 after her solo debut last month. The hit track of her mini album, POP! went viral within Korea and abroad. It went on to break numerous records in Billboard charts.

On asking how she spends her days after ending the promotions for the title track POP, she shared, “I had a celebratory dinner together with the staff that toiled away with me [during my promotions], and I also went with the other TWICE members to eat delicious food and go on drives together, so I’ve been having fun.”

She admitted the pressure she faced ahead of her solo debut, “Because I was the first member of TWICE to release a solo album, and because it was the first time that I’d prepared something on my own, I felt some pressure when I first began. I was really worried, and I didn’t have confidence."

When asked about her impressive Billboard's achievement, Nayeon remarked, "I feel really proud that my hard work received good results. It really made me think a lot about my fellow TWICE members, my fans, and my friends and family that gave this album so much love and support. I’m truly grateful.”

Nayeon expressed her gratitude to her fans. She expressed, "I’m so thankful to you for always cheering me on and being there for me in places both seen and unseen. Please give lots of love to this Dazed August issue pictorial and TWICE’s album that’s coming out soon.”

TWICE is currently prepping up to make their comeback with BETWEEN 1&2 on August 26 at 1 p.m. KST. Meanwhile, Nayeon’s full interview and pictorial can be found in the August issue of Dazed Korea magazine.