Wednesday Aug 10 2022
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These countries use smartphones the most

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Person using smartphone. — Unsplash
Person using smartphone. — Unsplash

The country that uses smartphones the most is China as it has over 950 million smartphone users which means that the Chinese market is bigger than India, US, and Indonesia combined, data on showed.

Yet another highly populous country, India, follows China on the list. Nearly 493 million people in India use smartphones.

With 274 million users, the United States of America takes third position.

The rest of the countries in the list of top 10 are as follows:

4. Indonesia - 170 million smartphone users.

5. Brazil - 119 million users

6. Russia - 102 million users.

7. Japan - 83 million users.

8. Mexico - 75 million users.

9. Vietnam - 67 million users.

10. Germany - 66 million users. predicts that the number of smartphone users will increase with time. In the US, the number is estimated to reach 311.53 million by 2025.

Data also suggests that popularity of smartphones increased mostly since 2007 when Apple launched its first iPhone.

The website reported that smartphone sales revenue between 2013 and 2020 was 409 billion dollars. Despite problems in 2021, industry boomed and increased sales.

The android operating system essentially rules the world with a market share of 85.9%.