Pakistan floods: One picture, one family, one story

Recent rains and floods in Sindh have pushed the region into dire straits, with countless people homeless, without food or clean water

Recent rains and floods in Sindh have pushed the region into dire straits, with countless people left homeless and without food or clean water. There isn't sufficient clothing to preserve their dignity.

To report on the plight of those affected by the floods in Sindh, Geo News sent reporters to the cities of Moro, Kandiaro, Khairpur Meris, Kot Diji, Kot Bangaloo, Mehar, Pir Jogoth, and the neighbouring Kacha region.

According to the correspondent, some people lost their crops and were worried about losing their earnings; someone else lost their life-long savings in the flood; somebody lost their job, while someone had to lose a loved one; On the other hand, countless people lost their homes.

Families of those who had been affected reached out to the reporters, held their hands, hugged them for comfort, and some even cried for help. Reporters often had to leave their reporting duties due to the heartbreaking situation.

Our reporters were only able to cover a fraction of the stories that need publication, but here are a few.

Little girl on her own

Geo News
Geo News

The girl in the picture above was returning to Khairpur from Kot DG while sitting on a donkey cart along with two younger girls and a goat — all on their own — when our reporter saw them. 

The reporter said that it was unclear where she came from or where she was going as they didn't dare ask.

"I tried to talk to her but the girl couldn't stop crying. We too cried when we saw her crying, but we didn't dare ask further questions. Sajid, our colleague cameraman, helped the girl to the best of his ability, but now what worries us is that whether she had a place to stay or was lost on the road, it is distressing," the reporter said.

Man with a dead donkey

Geo News
Geo News 

In this image, a man can be seen dragging his dead animal on a pull cart for burial. Our reporters saw him when he was on his way from Khairpur to Pir Jo Goth. 

The poor man used to ride a donkey for a living but the animal died due to the floods, leaving him with the burden of covering his house's expenses. The man was going to bury his donkey. 

They weren't going to bury just one animal: they were going to bury many dreams and hopes alongside it.

Tales of migration 

Geo News
Geo News

In the Qaim Jatao Village adjacent to Mehar, the families had small but  houses made of concrete. But the city began to sink due to the cracks caused by the floods. 

The families had to grab whatever they could to move out of the city. This photograph portrays a family's migration as they can be seen travelling from one location to another after their house was submerged in the floods. 

The Image shows a little girl holding her calf in a vehicle, and her mother sitting next to her. 

Many of this girl's friends must have been scattered due to the flood; now she might be able to go to a new school, or may not go to school at all.