Saturday Sep 24 2022
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Kylie Jenner niece True REVEALED name of make-up mogul's son? Here’s what fans think

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Kylie Jenner’s baby boy’s name has been the biggest question mark of 2022 so far, with tons of fans trying to uncover the name for months.

On Thursday's episode of their reality show, The Kardashians  Khloe Kardashian's four-year-old daughter True Thompson is heard chatting to her mother Khloe shortly after she gave birth to a new baby boy via surrogate, with True referring to her baby brother as 'Snowy'.

But as her mother corrects that Snowy is not the baby's name, fans are now speculating that it could be the name of Kylie's son - with True just getting her new brother and cousin confused.

The episode documented the birth of Khloe's second child with love rat Tristan Thompson - with their eldest child True meeting her new baby brother virtually.

During a FaceTime call, True shouted 'Hi, Snowy!' to the newborn, before Khloe corrected her daughter: 'His name is not Snowy.'

Viewers took to social media to speculate that True could've accidentally revealed her cousin's name to the audience when meeting her new brother.

'PLACE YOUR BETS!' TikTok user Marissa Spagnoli wrote in a caption accompanied by a video explaining her theory.

She clarified in a comment, 'She's associating the baby brother thing to kylies baby since he was just born!' with other fans agreeing with her.

The beauty guru and beau Travis previously named their new son Wolfie, before backtracking and changing their mind.

Earlier this month, while on The Late Late Show, Kylie Jenner told host James Corden her son still doesn't have a name.