Flood-hit areas of Sindh under termite attack, suffering of affectees intensified

Affectees request Sindh government to take steps against infestation

Riaz Narejo

  • Termites infest homes, other structures across Dadu and Jamshoro.
  • Issues of victims increase due to stagnant flood water.
  • Infestation add to misery of affectees.

DADU: Flood-hit areas in Sindh’s Dadu and Jamshoro districts are facing a termite attack due to the presence of stagnant flood water, leaving affectees with yet another challenge in the midst of an already catastrophic situation.

Termites have infested the wooden doors and windows, adding to the misery of people who remain impacted by the floods and their continuous damage to their lives.

In the past two months, water has remained stagnant in areas across district Dadu and Jamshoro in the province with a lack of action to suck it out.  

It has negatively impacted the lives of locals who continue to face the brunt of the catastrophe’s aftermath and termite infestation currently tops the list.

Termites have severely damaged homes and other structures with wooden doors and windows across the two districts in Sindh, increasing the risk of infrastructural deterioration and economic loss worth millions.

The flood affectees have requested the provincial government to resolve this issue by spraying across impacted areas in the districts.

Devastating floods engulfed large swathes of Pakistan, killing more than 1,700 people and devastating the country's infrastructure to cause damages estimated nearly at $30 billion.