Fact-check: Punjab is buying 93 luxury vehicles, including Fortuner SUVs, for bureaucrats

Punjab government's notification to release over Rs989 million for the purchase of luxury cars is authentic

As per multiple social media posts, the Punjab government has approved the purchase of 93 luxury vehicles, including 40 Toyota Fortuner SUVs, for its bureaucrats.

The claim is true.


On October 24, one Twitter user wrote that the flood-hit Punjab was spending Rs989 million to buy 93 new vehicles from the Toyota Indus Corporation. “It is an organised crime with a very high sense of entitlement,” the user further added, sharing an alleged notification from the revenue department Punjab.

“Punjab government’s insane at peak,” another Twitter user wrote. “CM Punjab approved the purchase of 49 fortuners vehicles for his cabinet.” (sic)


A communiqué has indeed been issued by the revenue department of the government of Punjab.

Geo Fact Check was able to obtain a copy of the official notification from the Board of Revenue’s office in Lahore.

As per the document, dated October 7, the Punjab assembly’s standing committee of cabinet on finance and development has directed that Rs989 million be spent to purchase 93 luxury cars for bureaucrats in the province.

Of the 93 vehicles, 40 Toyota Fortuner SUVs will be bought for Deputy Commissioners in Punjab, at the cost of Rs533,600,000. While 12 Corolla X will be purchased for members of the board of revenue and 41 Hilux 4x4 will be handed over to additional deputy commissioners (revenue). A total of Rs989,116,000 will be spent to acquire all 93 vehicles.

The notification has been forwarded to Indus Motors in Lahore “through Toyota Gujrat, Motors”, it reads.

The Board of Revenue officials Geo Fact Check contacted refused to comment on the notification.

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