Sindh cop who solved double murder by probing a parrot retires

Afzal Nadeem Dogar
Retired Sindh Police officer Altaf Hussain. — Photo by author
Retired Sindh Police officer Altaf Hussain. — Photo by author

  • Officer retires after serving Sindh Police for 38 years.
  • Officer is famous for investigating parrot to solve murder case in 2007.
  • Hussain joined Sindh Police in 1984.

KARACHI: After serving the Sindh Police for 38 years, senior officer and expert investigator Altaf Hussain retired from service on November 12, Geo News reported.

The cop is famous for solving a double murder case by investigating a parrot.

The former senior superintendent of police (SSP) Altaf Hussain joined the provincial police department in 1984 as an assistant sub-inspector.

Even though Saturday (November 12) was an official day off, Hussain showed up as it was his last day of service as SSP Investigation East office in Karachi to clear some pending matters.

The quest or desire to do something during employment often remains a wish for some people, but Hussain had no such desire left.

Thanking Allah for completing his service, the senior cop said that he neither had any regrets nor any wishes that were left unfulfilled.

"Because of police, I gained name, honour, and fame, along with the opportunity of serving missions abroad four times and got paid for it," the retired police official said.

Hussain further shared that during his tenure, he continued to live up to the standards of his officers, never got suspended, never received major punishment, and never had a red entry in his service sheet.

Officer shares old photographs from time in service. — Photo by author
Officer shares old photographs from time in service. — Photo by author

This is why, Hussain said, he was always given prime posting and worked in the field.

The senior cop maintained that he has no regrets and is bidding farewell to his department with immense pride.

The retired Sindh police official was appointed station house officer in important police stations of the city, served as deputy superintendent of police in significant areas, and his performance remained outstanding as superintendent police.

Hussain shared some interesting anecdotes from his time in the service among which was the case of double murder that took place in Karachi's Sarjani Town in 2007 when the cop was deployed as the sub divisional police officer (SDPO).

He narrated a suicide incident of a young officer, who worked at a newly-constructed bank, and wife in the area.

Hussain said that he himself reached the spot, as usual, and began investigating as soon as he received information about the incident

According to the veteran cop, dead bodies of the young husband and wife were found lying on the bed. Both had bullet marks on their necks and there was a paper with the reason of committing suicide written on it.

Hussain said that during the initial investigation, he observed that the bank officer who worked with his right hand had a bullet shot on the left side of his neck, which left the former police officer suspicious.

After moving around the house to check its environment, Hussain spotted three parrots in a cage. According to the ex-cop, one of these parrots looked sharp. When he whistled and moved near the cage, the parrot walked on a long stick and came near Hussain.

When the cop asked the parrot what happened, the bird began yelling "daku daku (robber robber)." Upon inquiring more, the parrot shouted "teen daku teen daku (three robbers three robbers)."

Hussain then declared to his investigation team that it was not a case of suicide, but murder.

The veteran cop said that the family of the victims did not want to register a case by deeming it suicide, after which he had the case of murder filed on behalf of the police. Upon investigation, the watchman of the victim's bank, his wife and brother were arrested and probed.

The three suspects pleaded guilty in the case, were proven murderers and received conviction by court.