Doijode family: Four generations, 72 family members under same roof

The family needs 10 litres of milk each morning and evening

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Four generations of a family live under the same roof in Indias Maharashtra.— Screengrab via YouTube/BBC
Four generations of a family live under the same roof in India's Maharashtra.— Screengrab via YouTube/BBC 

After quite a lot of drama serials about fights in a joint family, especially in the Indian cinema, many now prefer living in nuclear families, adopting the "Western" culture. 

However, a family in India's Maharashtra has shocked social media users with 72 family members living under the same roof.

Needless to say, the Doijode family in Maharashtra's Solapur has hefty daily expenses when it comes to food. The family consumes vegetable worth at least INR1,000 every day. They need 10 litres of milk each morning and evening.

Doijode family, which operates a trading business, was covered by the BBC and was shared on YouTube by the outlet. The video shows members of the massive family spending their usual day and interacting with each other.

A member of the family, Ashwin Doijode is heard sharing daily milk and vegetable expenses. "Non-vegetarian meals are three to four times more expensive," he says.

Ashwin explains that the family has to buy food items at "wholesale price" because they need things in large quantities and they can be very expensive. 

The Doijode family buys some items like rice, pulses, and wheat for the whole year. "We buy 40 to 50 sacks," Ashwin says.

Four generations live in the same house that has four stories. The women in the family told the BBC that they were initially scared to get married into such a big family but eventually settled down with the support of the rest of the family members.

The children also told the outlet that they felt supported in the joint family. "When we were kids, we never had to go out to play," a girl said adding that her cousins had been enough company.