Saturday Nov 19, 2022
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Prince Harry ‘not worth’ meeting ‘his reflection in mirror’

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Royal experts have just stormed out with allegations against Prince Harry and wondered how he ‘even manages to look himself in the mirror’.

Royal expert and commentator Dan Wootton made this accusation against the Duke of Sussex on GB News.

He started by questioning his ability to face himself and claimed, “Well Lady C, I am actually so angry about this as I spent most of the weekend binge-watching The Crown.”

“I felt it was my responsibility to do so because we had Robert Lacey who is the historical advisor for the show on [GB News] this week,” Mr Wootton added.

“I wanted to see it all for myself, and Lady C, that show [The Crown] has gone down the drain.”

“It is now an all-out assault on the current King, the Queen Consort, Princess Diana herself, but also, the late Queen Elizabeth II and the late Prince Philip.”

“I mean how can Harry look himself in the mirror in the morning knowing he is in business with this lot - Netflix - it's beyond me.”

Right after Mr Wootton’s tirade Lady C chimed in and accused Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of having “no loyalty” towards King Charles or the Firm, all before signing off.