Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle ‘all new platforms’

Meeting Prince Harry has reportedly ‘saved’ Meghan Markle from her life int eh US ‘just like Prince Philip from poverty’

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Experts believe Meghan Markle was ‘saved’ just like Prince Philip from poverty'.

Royal historian and author Dr Tessa Dunlop made these revelations public in an interview with Express UK.

She started by pointing out how “Philip's life was changed by Elizabeth. He was taken out of exile, taken out of poverty, he was already royal but now he was being given all the scaffolding of royalty to go with his blood.”

“Harry was looking to get out, we know he was unhappy, we know even from the title of his upcoming book, Spare, that he was the second in place, he was trapped.”

“And a bit like Elizabeth transformed Philip's life by bringing him into the institution, Meghan has transformed Harry's life by enabling him to leave the institution and giving him new platforms and a new way.”

“The marriages of both spares were transformative, one was transitioned into the institution and the other out of it.”