Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Prince William told to ask Prince Harry 'evidence' of Royal Family 'racism'

Prince William is told to challenged Prince Harry on television

Web Desk

Prince William is urged to shun Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's claims over racism during his upcoming visit to the US.

The Prince of Wales, who is set to fly to Boston by the end of November, is told to challenged Harry to prove his racist claims. 

Royal expert Robert Jobson tells TalkTV: "If I were them, it's controversial but I would go on to one of the main networks.

"If I was William and repeat exactly what he said, 'we're not a racist family and if there's anything that you've got that proves we are, say it'.

"Otherwise draw a line under it because they can't keep saying the instiution is racist without any evidence, without it being checked.

"It's now just because it's been put into their narrative, their truth that it's becoming the truth. I don't recognise it."

This comes amid Harry and Meghan are preparing to accept an award for combating 'structural racism.'