Sunday Dec 04 2022
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King Charles thinks 'Duke of Edinburgh' title will 'disappear' if Edward gets it

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King Charles III is afraid Prince Edward's pre-decided title might bring no benefit to the monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth II's youngest son and Charles' brother, the Earl of Wessex was supposed to inherit the title of Duke of Edinburgh after the death of Her Majesty.

However, it is now reported that the King does not want to pass on the honour to Edward's family.

Speaking to Palace Confidential, Royal expert Richard Kay explained: "Over the years, it has always been the view at the Palace, and certainly the view of his late father Prince Phillip, that his youngest son would take on his title, as Duke of Edinburgh.

"King Charles was going to be king. The others have their titles."

He continued: "But Edward has had a rather contrived title invented for him, for his wedding.

"Wessex is a place that doesn't really exist after all, and Edinburgh is a substantial city, a capital of one of the four countries of the UK.

"However, we now know that Charles has a rather different view to the Palace.

"He sees Edinburgh as such an important royal title that it shouldn't be passed to a minor family member because it would eventually disappear down the inheritance.

"There would be no long-term future of the title. Charles wants control over the titles," he noted.