Sunday Dec 04 2022
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Elizabeth Debicki steps outside in style while filming season six of 'The Crown'

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Elizabeth Debicki looked quite similar to Princess Diana being swarmed by paparazzi in her final hours while filming for season six of The Crown.

The Tenet actor 32, wore an identical grey suit and a black t-shirt to the outfit worn by the late royal the night of the tragic car crash as she and Dodi Fayed actor Khalid Abdallah left The Ritz hotel in London.

Filming in London, the crew were recreating The Ritz Hotel in Paris which was the last place Princess Diana was before she died in August 1997.

Donning Diana's signature blonde hairdo, Elizabeth walked out of the luxury London hotel to a sea of photographers looking to get a snap of the Princess.

She wore a pair of black sunglasses to try and keep a lower profile.

Also on set was actor Harry Anton, who plays her bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones.

Another familiar face could also be seen on set, former Hollyoaks actor Lee Otway, although it's unknown what role he is cast for on the Netflix series.

The cast have been recreating the lead-up to Diana's death for several weeks, as in late October Elizabeth was seen in Barcelona doing takes from the ill-fated car.

However, Netflix has insisted the crash itself will not be shown in the series.

Filming for series six of the Netflix drama had been temporarily halted following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September, but in the last few weeks, the crew have been spotted at work throughout Europe.