Monday Dec 05 2022
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Royal Family refuses to ‘be blown off course’ by Harry, Meghan docu-series

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix series is all set to throw shades at Royal Family but the senior royals are said to be unbothered by it as they keep their “business as usual approach”.

There have been claims that King Charles and Queen Camille are “wearied” by the Sussexes’ public criticism of the monarchy.

However, a palace source said: “We are not going to be blown off course by squalls from across the Atlantic”.

"It's likely to be a difficult few weeks but really after that what on earth more can they have to say? 

"It's all going to start to become a very 'end of the pier' show if they are not careful, hawking around the same complaints on talk shows and documentaries,” the insider added.

"Surely a time will come when even they realise they have got to get on with their lives? The rest of the family certainly want to,” the palace source continued.