Europeans in love with 'Muslim showers'

Football fans in Qatar are discovering bidet showers used in toilets of most Muslim households

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Image shows a person holding a bidet shower in the toilet.— Twitter
Image shows a person holding a bidet shower in the toilet.— Twitter

The "West is catching up", some Twitter users believe, as European football fans in Qatar discover the bidet shower used in the toilets of most Muslim households and quite common in Muslim countries.

People from all over the world are present in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022 and Westerners are in a cultural shock (in a good way) using what is also commonly known as the "Muslim shower". 

According to YouTuber and comedian David Vujanic, who goes by just "Vuj", his "bum is thankful" to the "high-pressure shower head".

"Been using the toilet bum shower thing in qatar for a month…I am absolutely horrified we only use toilet paper in the Uk/Europe. This is the best thing ever man," he wrote in a tweet, adding that he would be "investing in one" as soon as he went back to his home in London.

Social media users were quick to react to the tweet, some sharing their similar moments of surprise and others sharing other loo technologies from across the globe. Muslims were also quick to inform the "Westerners" that they had been using water in the restroom for centuries, welcoming them to "civilisation".

A Twitter user pointed out that the bidet was widely used in Spain, Portugal and Italy too.

Vuj became such a huge fan that he said he wanted the "bum gun" to be printed on T-shirts.

A user jokingly even invited the content creator to Islam.

Another expressed shock at the fact that "White people" did not use water in the washroom. "#Qatar2022 is teaching civilisation to whites/Europeans," he wrote.

"Happy for you guys finally discovered basic hygiene," another taunted.

Many users called it "a true gem", "mankind's best invention", and "the best thing in the world".

A user shared another technology that some called the "future".