Netflix 'Emily in Paris' creator talks possible Kim Cattrall apperance

Cattrall, 66, attended 'Emily in Paris' season 3 premiere on December 7th, 2022, which sparked hope that she would appear in the series

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Netflix Emily in Paris creator talks possible Kim Cattrall apperance
Netflix 'Emily in Paris' creator talks possible Kim Cattrall apperance

Fan are now more hopeful for a Kim Cattrall appearance given that she attended Netflix’s Emily In Paris Season 3 premiere in New York City on December 7, 2022, reported People.

Kim C is friends with show creator Darren Star from her days on Sex and the City which was also created by Star.

At the premiere Star said that he “would love” to have Cattrall on the show, via People.

“For me, it's never about stunt casting per se," he explained. "It's about finding the right role for the right person. And I would love to work with Kim and it's just about finding a role that's worthy of Kim."

He added, "If it works out for this, it'll be fun. So let's see what happens.”

In an interview with Variety at the star-studded premiere, Cattrall was asked whether she may join the show in the future, to which she replied, "It's a wonderful idea."

"Not at the moment but it would be so much fun to see that happening."

Elaborating a little more on what to expect from the upcoming season, Star shared that the plot will delve deeper into its character’s journeys in and around Paris.

“I think when you have a great ensemble like this, you have a lot more story to tell," he told the outlet. "I see so much more story to tell, so many more possibilities.”

Since the fourth season of the show is already confirmed, Star further added that he would like to see the show go beyond that.

“If they want us back, we're coming back," Star said. "I hope we get to keep doing it because we're having a great time doing it."