Fact-check: Claims of men being housed in women hostel in Peshawar are false

The protest was in fact held by the students for the fulfilment of their longstanding demands, which include a monthly stipend

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Multiple social media accounts claimed that men were being accommodated at a women hostel in Peshawar, forcing female students to protest.

The allegations are false.


On December 1, an account shared a video on Twitter which purportedly showed that women did not feel safe at the Government College of Nursing in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, after the administration allowed men to take up rooms at a women-only hostel.

“Peshawar, the dignity of girls living in the hostel of HMC University is in danger,” read the tweet, “Men are forcibly accommodated in girls' hostel, HMC staff threatened girls for protesting.”

This video has received more than 3,643 views and 312 retweets till date.

Another Twitter user also shared the video with the same caption.


The video was recorded by Minahil Idrees, a second-year student at the Government College of Nursing in Peshawar, on December 1. Idrees told Geo Fact Check that no men were being housed at the women's hostel, and the captions doing the rounds on social media were untrue.

In fact, the protest was staged by the students for the fulfillment of their longstanding demands, which included a monthly stipend, as earlier promised, increase in the number of internship jobs, separate hostels for men, and for the college to ensure that instructors had at least a master’s degree in nursing.

Geo Fact Check then reached out to Parveen Bukhari, the principal of the college, who can be seen in the video.

She also confirmed that the protest was not regarding unauthorized men staying in the women's hostel. She further added that the few men who can be seen in the clip are staff members, therefore a cook, driver and watchman.

“They did not stay at the hostel,” she added.

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