Thursday, December 29, 2022
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King Charles silences rumours of abdication with 'glorious' coronation plans

King Charles lavish coronation plan negates the speculations that the monarch knows his time on the throne may be short

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Charles III, who is the oldest person to become King in British history, was only three years old when Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne in 1952, making him her heir apparent throughout her 70-year reign.

British royal family and government reportedly want to "showcase the very best of the United Kingdom" with King Charles coronation. 

Previously, it was speculated that Buckingham Palace might opt for a cut-price event as Charles has long advocated for a slimmed-down monarchy amid financial crisis of the country.

However, a spokesperson for Rishi Sunak reportedly said the ceremony will be a chance to “showcase the very best of the United Kingdom. This will be a significant planning event. We are expecting a huge number of foreign heads of state, international dignitaries and of course there will be a huge amount of involvement from the public as well."

The big coronation plan seemingly negates the royal commentators who think the new king knows his time on the throne may be short and he's a 'caretaker' of it for Prince William.

Fortune teller Jemima Packington, who predicted the Queen’s death, says King Charles III will hand over the reign to Prince William next year.

In his first speech as the King of England, Charles seemingly revealed when his eldest son Prince William will succeed him as monarch, vowing to serve the nation for life, meaning that William will only succeed him when he passes away.