Tuesday Jan 24 2023
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Meghan Markle uses 'exaggerated illustrators' to 'emphasise her points'

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Meghan Markle’s body language in Netflix’s docu-series Harry & Meghan showed that the Duchess of Sussex rubs people the wrong way.

Taking to his YouTube channel The Behavioral Arts, Spidey said: “One of them is exaggerated facial expressions” before adding that there’s a “purposeful shift in cadence and tone.”

The expert noted that the Suits alum used “exaggerated illustrators” or “the gestures we make to emphasize our points.”

Spidey explained: “Adults do not like to be spoken to the way kids are spoken to. And we know this, we study this. We stay away from this.”

“And that distinction, that fact that we know that adults don’t like to be spoken to the way children are spoken to, is the reason that I believe a lot of people — even if they don’t really know why — do not like Meghan Markle,” he shared. “Because she speaks the way you would speak to children.”

She continued: “And she doesn’t only do this when she tells stories, she does this a lot when she talks. The facial expressions are exaggerated, the gestures are exaggerated. But then she might start whispering at some point.”