Thursday Jan 26 2023
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Piers Morgan wife bashes Beyoncé for ‘eye-watering hypocrisy’ over Dubai concert

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Piers Morgan’s wife Celia Walden jumped on the bandwagon criticizing Beyoncé for allegedly taking $24 million to perform in Dubai.

The Crazy In Love singer landed in trouble over the gig at the Atlantis' The Royal hotel because of the anti-LGBTQ policies of United Arab Emirates.

After dedicating her album Renaissance to her late uncle Johnny and the LGBTQ+ community, the singer “disappointed” her gay fans with her performance.

Co-founder of the LGB Alliance, Bev Jackson, shared that the concert “casts a shadow over [Beyonce’s] support for lesbians and gay people.”

Commenting on her criticism, Walden wrote in her latest column, “That understates the eye-watering severity of Beyoncé's hypocrisy.”

“When you consider that the multi-platinum selling US artist didn’t perform any tracks from her Renaissance album on Saturday night, this wasn’t so much casting a shadow over her LGBTQ+ tub-thumping as making a mockery of it,” she added.

The singer also avoided to perform any of the songs from her new album which she dedicated to her uncle who died following a battle with HIV. 

“So Beyoncé reaped the rewards of her loudly voiced moral rectitude,” Walden continued. “I only hope those suitcases full of Dubai dollars were worth it, and I’d like to say that you can’t have your virtue-signalling cake and eat it – but I fear that’s no longer true.”