Netlfix, Spotify ‘doubling down’ on demands with Prince Harry

Prince Harry is reportedly being squeezed from both ends by Spotify, Netflix for more bombshell revelations

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Spotify and Netflix are reportedly counting on more juicy revelations from Prince Harry.

This admission has been brought to light by Perez Hilton during the course of his interview with the Daily Star.

Hilton warned, “I think going forward their partner will be much more demanding and making sure that they don’t release boring content, which I’m sure is what they want to be releasing — boring content, safe content.”

After all, “Harry knows the media is a game and he is an active, willing participant that needs to keep feeding the machine.”

“Or else, he won’t be able to keep making the money he wants to make.”

This is especially true considering, “The number one main reason Prince Harry has done everything over the last 12 months is for money. And he has not once — not a single time — acknowledged that. And it reveals a real sour taste in my mouth.”