time Saturday Feb 04 2023
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Princess Diana thought King Charles marriage proposal was 'joke'

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Princess Diana misunderstood King Charles big gesture as he proposed to her for wedding.

The former Princess of Wales thought her future husband was joking as he sat down on one knee in 1981.

Diana told biographer Andrew Morton: “[Charles] said, 'Will you marry me?' and I laughed.

She continued: "I remember thinking, 'This is a joke,' and I said, 'Yeah, OK,' and laughed. He was deadly serious."

"I said, 'I love you so much, I love you so much.' And he said, 'Whatever love means.'

“In my immaturity, which was enormous, I thought that he was very much in love with me, which he was.

“He sort of had the besotted look about him looking back at it, but it wasn't the genuine sort."