'Cruel Intentions' steamy scene engages massive crowd during shooting

'Cruel Intentions' star Sarah Michelle Geller said 'It was like a live performance'

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Cruel Intentions steamy scene engages massive crowd during shooting

Cruel Intentions star Sarah Michelle Geller recalled iconic kiss scene attracted attention of 250 people.

During an interview with BuzzFeed UK, The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star gave the background behind the camera iconic scene in the 1999 teen movie on "the first day in all of New York City of that year that was beautiful and sunny" in Central Park.

"So, where did everybody go for lunch, to walk and be outside? Central Park," adding, "Guess where we were filming that scene? Central Park.

"So, we had about 250 audience members; it was like a live performance. But it was so noisy because there were so many people, we had to re-record the entire scene afterwards, every line," Gellar continued.

She also remembered the 50-year-old mom complaining, "Did you have to use so much tongue?"

Gellar added of her costar, "She has very soft lips ... I just love Cruel Intentions, and I love kissing Selma Blair."