Prince Harry ‘suppressed’ feelings for Chelsy Davy opened gates at William wedding

Prince Harry talks about his breakup with Chelsy Davy

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Prince Harry recalls the feelings of jealousy as he watched ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy at Prince William’s wedding.

The Duke of Sussex admits there was ‘rush of feelings’ as soon as he saw Chelsy enter the hall.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, Harry notes: “It was hard seeing Chels at Willy’s wedding. There were loads of feelings still there, feelings I’d suppressed, feelings I hadn’t suspected. I also felt a certain way about the hungry-looking men trailing after her, circling her, nagging her to dance.”

Harry adds: “Jealousy got the better of me that night, and I told her so, which made me feel worse. And a bit pathetic. I needed to move on, meet someone new.”

Harry and Chelsy broke up in 2010 due to media’s harassment during their romance