King Charles told Meghan Markle could create 'day time soap' out of coronation

King Charles III warned ahead of inviting Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to coronation

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King Charles III has been warned the British people do not want Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at his coronation.

His Majesty is told inviting the Sussexes could be tricky for himself and risky for the monarchy.

Royal expert Allison Pearson says: "Is that really what our King wants at his Coronation? I bet it’s not what a smarting Prince and Princess of Wales want. (William is said, with justification, to be concerned his brother will pull some "stunt".)

"It’s certainly not what the British people want. In fact, there is a real worry that we will think a lot less of our new monarch should he be seen to capitulate to an ungrateful couple who have insulted both our country and the institution Charles now embodies.

"By all means invite Harry and Meghan to a private celebration, but don’t allow them to turn a solemn occasion into a tawdry family drama. Sacred anointing with holy oil or a bar of daytime soap? The King must choose, and choose wisely," she notes.