time Sunday Mar 19 2023
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'Boston Strangler' director did not want cast to adopt accent

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Boston Strangler director did not want cast to adopt accents
'Boston Strangler' director did not want cast to adopt accents

Director Matt Ruskin did not want his stars to assume Boston accents for his true-crime film Boston Strangler.

Speaking to Decider, the filmmaker who is a Boston native himself explained why film protagonist Keira Knightley does not adopt an accent:

“I wanted to stay away from it,” Ruskin said. “She definitely could do it. But coming from Boston, I felt like I didn’t want people to be talking about the accents. I wanted them to be talking about the story and the characters.”

Ruskin also added that the British star was perfect for the role.

“She had all the characteristics that we were looking for—this incredible outward strength, but also this ability to convey a compelling interior life. And I think she identified on a personal level with Loretta’s story, as a woman who has a demanding career and a family. She could identify with some of those challenges.”

Knightley plays real-life 1960s reporter Loretta McLaughlin in the full-of-character film. With coworker Jean Cole (Carrie Coon, The Gilded Age), Loretta chases the story of a serial killer, Boston Strangler, who claimed 13 victims.

Boston Strangler premiered on Hulu on March 17, 2023.