Tuesday Mar 21, 2023
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WATCH: Man claims to have met devil in near death experience

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This representational image shows doctors performing surgery. — Unsplash/File
This representational image shows doctors performing surgery. — Unsplash/File

Very rare stories surface from all around the world where people note their unusual experiences. One such story was also reported by Unilad in which a man says to have met the devil and saw hell after being pronounced dead by the doctors from stabbing.

Taking to the social media platform TikTok, the doctor claims in a video that he came across a man who was stabbed by people during a drug deal.

When brought to the hospital, doctors carried out surgery on him and put their effort to treat the wound which was near his heart.

The doctor recalled the patient woke up and cried, claiming that he went to hell and encountered the devil.

The patient claimed that he saw doctors saving his life. The patient said as he prayed, and the angel pulled him out of hell, according to the doctor. 

The doctor in the video also said he was legit saying: "It was the most amazing experience because he was legit, I mean nobody makes up an experience like that. The last I heard, he's completely changed his life; he gave his life to god, and I still to this day... the look in his eye when he woke up, the terror, I'm absolutely convinced he did meet the devil."

The video had millions of views on TikTok with thousands of people commenting about the incident.

A case was also reported earlier when a man died and after waking up to life, claimed to have visited hell and the demons punished him for singing the songs of Rihanna,

Those people who want to see hell in the world can visit a pit in Turkmenistan which is called the "Gates of Hell" — burning for straight 50 years.

It is not hell as people define hell but a carter with gas ignited by the Soviets in 1971 thinking that the whole thing would be burnt.