King Charles branded Harry 'delusional' for blaming Meghan defamation

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King Charles and Prince William denied throwing Meghan Markle under the bus during a heated conversation with Prince Harry.

At Prince Philip’s funeral in 2021, the Prince of Wales and His Majesty told Harry that he was delusional for thinking they fed stories about Meghan to the media.

Harry writes in his book: “Pa stepped back. Willy shook his head. They began talking over each other. We’ve been down this road a hundred times, they said. You’re delusional, Harry. But they were the delusional ones. Even if, for the sake of argument, I accepted that Pa and Willy and their staff had never done one overt thing against me or my wife—their silence was an undeniable fact.”

He continues: “And that silence was damning. And continuing. And heartrending. Pa said: You must understand, darling boy, the Institution can’t just tell the media what to do! Again, I yelped with laughter. It was like Pa saying he couldn’t just tell his valet what to do.”