Wednesday Mar 29, 2023
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King Charles is not a ‘part-time’ father to Prince Harry: ‘Has responsibilities’

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King Charles reportedly has little reason to confront Prince Harry because of his disloyalty.

The editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, Ingrid Seward, made these admissions and accusations.

Her admissions were made during her interview with The Mirror, and admitted, “Any ordinary father would expect to see their son when he paid a rare visit to the UK from abroad.”

“But Charles is not an ordinary father. He is King and as such has appointments every 20 minutes of his day. In between, he has letters to sign, state documents to read and meetings to attend.”

“When the state visit to France was cancelled his diary was immediately filled with urgent pending issues. Being King is not a part-time post.”

“Neither is being a father, but Charles has little reason to want a confrontation with Harry after his disloyalty to his family in his book Spare. Maybe Harry had no desire to see his father either.”

“Charles and Camilla were due to be out of the country when he arrived in the UK. Harry would have never envisaged something as politically sensitive as a state visit being postponed.”

“Harry is not quite as brave as he makes out he is. However much noise he might have made about wanting a discussion, being ushered into Clarence House to meet with an irate and disappointed father was almost certainly not on his agenda.”