Prince Harry’s antics ‘seem rather risible’: report

Prince Harry blasted for hiding behind ‘lengthy conversations’ for the Coronation invite since ‘he knows how it works’

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have yet to announce whether they will attend the Coronation, and experts find this move to be ‘quite risible’.

GB News presenter Mark Longhurst has made these admissions and revelations.

He started the conversation off by calling Prince Harry’s antics ‘a risible’ move.

He admitted, “I'm just looking at sources that have been quoted, whether they're accurate or not.”

“Lengthy discussions they said between the Sussexes and the Palace.”

But “Harry has a lot of questions about how the event will work. That does seem rather risible, doesn't it?”

Especially considering the fact that “Everybody knows how a Coronation works, everyone knows where you go, Westminster Abbey.”

This claim has come shortly after royal commentator Judita Dasilva admitted that the Firm wants to remain ‘tight-lipped’ over any matters pertaining to Prince Harry and the Coronation.

She explained, “Right now, it seems like every road and every avenue they could possibly choose, the attendance or lack thereof, Prince Harry will dominate the narrative.”