Saturday, May 27, 2023
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WATCH: Man jumps into half-frozen lake to rescue drowning dog

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The picture shows a man saving a dogs life in Sloan Lake in Colorado, USA. — Instagram/@Holly Morphew
The picture shows a man saving a dog's life in Sloan Lake in Colorado, USA. — Instagram/@Holly Morphew

A man in the United States risked his life by jumping into a half-frozen lake to rescue a dog who was drowning, NDTV reported. 

The heartwarming video has gone viral which shows the man jumping into the lake to save a husky — named Loki — who was struggling to get out of the water. 

The video was shared by an Instagram Holly Morphew who said that the dog was chasing geese when he ran into the lake. The man, identified as Jason Skidgel, dived into the lake without thinking of his own safety. 

Explaining what had happened, Morphew wrote: ''Yesterday my friend and I went for a walk around Sloan's Lake. We saw a dog take off from the opposite side of the lake full speed ahead chasing geese. We watched in horror knowing the ice would soon run out. It did, and the dog went down into the lake. It struggled for a long time as we helplessly looked on, praying it could break enough ice to get to the shore. 

"But it was getting tired and we could see the struggle wasn't going to last much longer. We called 911 and the fire department was on its way. We weren't sure their rescue would be fast enough. Then, a #hero took off his clothes and went in to save it. I am so happy to say he did, and both he and the dog were ok," 

In the video, Skidgel could be seen going toward the dog by breaking the ice with his hands. He then swam back after he grabbed the dog. 

As the duo comes out of the water, the people surrounded the man and started giving him their jackets to keep him warm. 

Skidgel was overwhelmed by the love he received from the people and thanked them.  

"I hadn’t released this video yet, but I wanted y’all to see how humanity came together. I may have saved Loki’s life, but they saved mine. Thank you to all!" he wrote on Instagram. 

Social media users called the man a "hero" for saving the dog's life without thinking of the consequences. The video has garnered over 42 million views.

''You are a hero, and I'm so happy to see these people shedding to give you the best they could to help. Thank you to all involved, it's heartwarming to see the good side of humankind for once, sad it took a tragedy to show it.," wrote a user. 

Another commented: ''Brave and beautiful! Risking your life for someone else's pup then more strangers get involved literally taking the shirts off their backs to save you. A reminder for all of us to be the good we wish to see!''

"This made me cry. You are amazing and so is everyone that helped. This shows there are still decent people in the world," wrote another. 

"This dude is a legend. I’m an ice diver. That’s after is freaking cold and ice is like glass. So incredible that he did this. Thankfully the lake was shallow enough that he could walk in," commented one of the users.