Thursday, June 01, 2023
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WATCH: Black bear sneaks into bakery, munches on 60 cupcakes

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The famous fictional character Winnie-the-Pooh had made the bears' love for sweet food obvious, but a real-life incident proved it true.

A cute incident took place in Connecticut, United States when a black bear walked into a bakery and ate up to 60 cupcakes.

The video from the special afternoon treat in the parking lot surfaced on social media and was reported widely.

The uninvited customer was caught on camera, sneaking into the bakery's garage when the freshly baked items were being loaded in a delivery van.

As per a visual report by BBC, this bear who surely had a sweet tooth helped himself to a few cupcakes. The furry creature was caught stealing by a couple of employees but he scared them off.

However, he was not there for a few cupcakes.

The bear went inside again and dragged out a box full of confectioneries and ate them all until more employees drove there and shooed him away.

The video closed with one of the bakery workers putting the shutters of the garage down.