Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Google glitch leaves netizens confused about rupee-dollar exchange rate

Currency notes of Rs1,000 and $100 can be seen in this file photo. — Reuters
Currency notes of Rs1,000 and $100 can be seen in this file photo. — Reuters

A technical malfunction on Google Search showed a significant drop in the value of the US dollar compared to the Pakistani rupee late Tuesday night.

The unexpected drop in the US dollar rate to Rs186.73 surprised and bewildered many, especially since the local currency hadn't experienced a significant rebound recently.

It was discovered that the drastic decline in currency exchange rates was due to a technical problem with the search engine on the website, causing the rates to plummet.

In the interbank market on June 6 (Tuesday), the Pakistani rupee closed at 286.56 against the US dollar, while it remained above Rs300 in the open market.

After the glitch was caught, it was fixed with the rates going back to Rs286.72.

This was not the first time this glitch took over the world's largest search engine and had happened multiple times in the past with users noticing a massive decline in the dollar rates.

In July last year, the rates crashed to Rs207.10, which was in contrast to the rates issued by the State Bank of Pakistan. According to the central bank, the rupee closed at 236.02 against the US dollar in the interbank market.

Some Twitter users also pointed out the glitch in the search engine.

One tweep wrote: "Last night, the dollar crashed on Google."

"Don't worry it is just an error of Google," another tweeted.

One Twitter user thought that Google has "gone nuts." He also pointed out rupees rates with that of the United Arab Emirates Dirham.