Sunday, July 16, 2023
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Prince Harry ridiculed for not winning against ‘bully big brother’

Prince Harry slammed for not even being able to win the popularity contest against a brother that’s been ‘beaten down’

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Experts have just ridiculed Prince Harry for being completely unable to win against Prince William, despite painting him like a villain.

These admissions and insights into the Duke’s floundering popularity ratings have been referenced by Daniela Elser.

She weighed on everything in a piece for where she pointed out how iffy Prince Harry’s current situation is.

Ms Elser even went as far as to reference how, “Even though Harry cast William as something of a bully who also physically attacked him (RIP that now infamous dog bowl) and leaked to the press to burnish his own image, the Prince of Wales is still only just behind him.”

During the course of her piece she also added, “We can now definitively say that Netflix and Spare did not dramatically sway public opinions or turn tides.”

According to Ms Elser, Prince Harry’s popularit appears more so like a swinging pendulum that always stops in the middle because “wherever most people sat on the Harry Scale™ before the TV and book launches is essentially where they remain afterwards.”

“Hearts and minds were not changed en masse, but only became more entrenched” she believes.