Fact-Check: Online posts falsely claim villages in Chitral are under TTP control

Four officials in Chitral have confirmed that no village or area in Chitral is currently under the control of terrorists

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On September 6, two military checkposts in Pakistan’s Chitral district came under attack by a large group of terrorists belonging to the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

Soon after the clashes between Pakistani soldiers and the armed group, viral posts began alleging that terrorists had taken control of two villages and several military checkposts in Chitral.

The claims are baseless.


“70 Pakistani army officers have been killed,” wrote a social media user on X, formerly known as Twitter, on September 7, “While two villages and several military checkposts have been captured.”

“The Taliban have attacked the district of Chitral,” alleged a post on September 9, “As per the latest information, 40 Pakistani soldiers have been killed, 92 captured and two villages are also under their control.”

A similar claim was shared here on Facebook.


Four officials in Chitral have confirmed that no village or area in Chitral is currently under the control of terrorists. They further add that five soldiers were martyred in the attack, and not 40 or 70 as was being claimed online.

“The situation is completely normal,” Muhammad Ali Khan, the deputy commissioner of Lower Chitral, told Geo Fact Check over the phone, “Markets and the university is open. Foreigners and locals can easily move around in the area.”

Khan further rubbished that any area was under the control of the terrorists.

“The terrorists were pushed back [across the border into Afghanistan] the same day,” he added.

Dr. Muhammad Atif Jalib, the assistant commissioner headquarters in Chitral, also backed Khan’s statement.

“All the information [about areas being captured] is fake news,” he added.

Separately, Geo Fact Check contacted Ikram Ullah, the district police officer in Lower Chitral, who also said that all markets and schools were open.

“There is nothing to worry about,” he added, “I am saying this responsibly, as a senior police officer.”

Usama Cheema, the assistant commissioner in the Darosh Tehsil in Chitral, also denied that terrorists had taken over any area in the mountainous district.

With additional reporting by Nadia Khalid.

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