Paris Hilton drops a 'bombshell' in new Season of 'Paris In Love'

Paris Hilton's second season of 'Paris In Love' unveils emotional journey to motherhood, secrets, past struggles

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Paris Hilton drops a bombshell in new Season of Paris In Love
Paris Hilton drops a 'bombshell' in new Season of 'Paris In Love'

Paris Hilton is opening up about her journey to motherhood and her past struggles in the highly anticipated second season of 'Paris In Love.' 

The Peacock series, set to premiere on November 30, offers an intimate glimpse into the life of the 42-year-old heiress, revealing secrets she's kept hidden.

One of the most surprising revelations comes when Paris explains her decision to conceal the fact that she and her husband, Carter Reum, welcomed their son, Phoenix, in January via surrogate.  

In a heartfelt moment, she confesses, "I've given my whole life to everyone for so long. It's just been really important to me to keep this a secret. This is the first time that something's just mine."

The trailer shows the couple anxiously awaiting their first child's arrival in the hospital, with Paris admitting, "Literally no one knows, my own family doesn't know." 

Her family's shock and joy are palpable when she surprises them with the news of Phoenix's birth, as Paris walks into the room holding her son and tells her mother, Kathy Hilton, "I got you a surprise. This is your grandson, Phoenix."

However, the new season isn't all about the joys of motherhood. Paris Hilton also grapples with the fallout from her family's discovery of personal revelations she shared in her memoir, 'Paris: The Memoir.' 

The book delves into her past relationships and her struggles with ADHD and PTSD, stemming from alleged abuse during her time at boarding school. Speaking with her family about these deeply personal issues proves to be a challenging and emotional experience.

While navigating the complexities of motherhood and confronting her past, Hilton also touches on her need to maintain a busy schedule. Her sister, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, advises her to savor the moments of motherhood, emphasizing that children grow up quickly. 

Despite the challenges, Paris Hilton declares that motherhood has made her life complete, and she is utterly obsessed with her son.

As fans eagerly await the new season, 'Paris In Love' promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions, revelations, and intimate moments, showcasing a different side of the famous heiress.