WATCH: Downtown Dallas rallies in support of Palestinians

Raja Zahid Akhtar Khanzada

DALLAS: Thousands of demonstrators in downtown Dallas, in the US state of Texas, rallied on the streets against the injustices Palestinians are being subjected to in Gaza, as Israel intensified its airstrikes on the sieged territory.

The protestors — comprising men, women and children — called out Israel for committing war crimes and demanded a ceasefire to ensure the safety of Gazan civilians.

Those rallying in the bustling business district in the US state included the area's residents, local Muslims and human rights organisations advocating, who all joined hands against the genocide being orchestrated by the Benjamin Netanyahu-led regime.

The protest's turnout was significant with men, women and children marching from the Dallas City Hall, partaking in the rally to raise their voices against the ongoing genocide of Gazans.

During the protest, representatives of human rights organisations addressed the crowd, emphasising the dire situation in Palestine. They also expressed concerns over the silence of the international community, including the United States, as Israeli forces continued to commit atrocities in plain sight, brushing aside the international humanitarian law.

They spoke about Israel's war crimes including airstrikes on hospitals, killing and wounding innocent Palestinian civilians, without allowing ample assistance to pass through the Rafah border in Gaza.

Several demonstrators recorded their protest, while passionately raising their voices and chanting for Palestinians. Kashmiri leaders also participated in the rally that lasted for nearly four hours.

More than 5,000 Palestinians, mainly civilians and over 2,000 children have been killed across the Gaza Strip in relentless Israeli bombardments following Hamas's resistance against Israel since October 7, according to the latest toll from the Gaza health ministry.

Thousands of buildings have been levelled and more than a million people are believed to have been displaced in the besieged territory with the toll likely to increase by each passing day, as several remain buried under the rubble across the city.