Prince Harry a ‘wayward son’ is struggling with ‘Californian twang’

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Prince Harry a ‘wayward son’ is struggling with ‘Californian twang’
Prince Harry a ‘wayward son’ is struggling with ‘Californian twang’

The Duke of Sussex has just been called out for his inability to settle into the US as a ‘wayward son with Californian twang’.

These claims have been brought to light by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on this during one of her pieces for

She began by saying, “If anyone at Buckingham Palace fancied taking a break from drinking cups of tea and finding new ways to issue non-apologies to former colonial vassal states, then it might be worth giving the meme a whirl regarding King Charles and his family.”

While starting the chat, Ms Elser added, “for ‘How it started’ we could use the photo taken for His Majesty’s 70th birthday in 2018, which saw the King, wife Queen Camilla and his sons and daughter-in-law, William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales (and their kidlets) and Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do some polite posing in a garden.”

But for the ‘how’s it going’ part, Ms Elser asked fans to recount an image of King Charles at his 75th birthday bash.

The picture would be around the theme of a family portrait, with Prince William and Prince Harry “yanking each other’s ears and throwing around words ‘knob head’.

Kate Middleton on the other hand would “be tossing a half-used tube of lip balm on the manicured lawn muttering ‘take the damn stuff’.”

Even Princes George, Louis and Archie and Princesses Charlotte and Lilibet “would all be standing there looking blankly at one another because the cousins have no relationship whatsoever.”

“So, ‘how’s it going’ in 2023 for the King and his wayward son, off acquiring a Californian twang and a taste for almond milk? Badly. And it could be about to get much worse.” she added before signing off.