Royal Family gets 'nail in coffin' after Omid Scobie releases 'Endgame'

Royal Family faces final straw in their end from royal author Omid Scobie

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Royal Family gets nail in coffin after Omid Scobie releases Endgame
Royal Family gets 'nail in coffin' after Omid Scobie releases 'Endgame'

The Royal Family is seemingly in trouble as author Omid Scobie releases much anticipated new book 'Endgame.'

Meghan Markle alleged ‘mouthpiece,’ Scobie has dropped his new bombshell book titled ‘Endgame,’ where he talks about the failures and the potential future of the Royal Family.

Speaking about the book, editor Graham Smith tells "This book doesn't seem to be holding back and [Scobie] is being quite direct. I think it will damage the monarchy quite considerably."

Mr Smith adds: "I don't know whether he (Omid Scobie) is helping the cause, but having books spilling the beans and giving a warts and all look at the royals is going to help us.

"This has not been a good year for them and been a fantastic year for us, boosting our funds, membership and support.

He then notes: "[Endgame] is another nail in the coffin and a sign of things to come. People don't feel the need to hold back anymore."