Thursday, November 30, 2023

David Beckham barred from watching his own documentary 'Beckham'?

David Beckham, Victoria Beckham were held back from watching the documentary 'Beckham', which released in October

Photo David Beckham barred from watching his own documentary Beckham
Photo David Beckham barred from watching his own documentary 'Beckham'

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham watched the documentary Beckham for the first time when it premiered on Netflix, as per the revelation of Netflix’s head of unscripted.

The documentary in question Beckham sheds light on the story of the former England footballer David Beckham, who rose “from humble working-class beginnings to football stardom.”

As fans will know, Beckham premiered on the streaming platform last month and soon paved its way to become a Netflix hit series.

However, during a recent discussion Brandon Riegg revealed that even though David was one of the executive producers for the show, he could not watch it before the day it was released for the audience worldwide.

Defending Netflix against criticism for its policies regarding the editorial controls for documentaries including Beckham, Riegg contended that they “did not give away full editorial control and retained the final cut” at Content London.

As a result, the Inter Miami FC owner and his wife Victoria Beckham were just as ‘surprised’ as other viewers when the documentary was released on the streaming platform.

“David was aware what [director] Fisher Stevens was thinking but he didn’t actually watch the series until after it had premiered on Netflix. So he and Victoria came in as fans and they were pleased with how it turned out,” claimed Riegg before signing off.