Monday, December 04, 2023

Sylvester Stallone unlocks new achievement on 'Rocky Day'

Sylvester Stallone adds another feather to his rich career

Sylvester Stallone unlocks new achievement on 'Rocky Day'

Philadelphia is honoring Sylvester Stallone on Rocky Day by handing him the keys to the city.

Adding the milestone to his stunning career, the legendary actor was presented with the honour near the Philadelphia Museum of Arts under the Rocky Balboa statue where the 1976's film iconic training montage was shot.

Sylvester Stallone unlocks new achievement on Rocky Day

"You get to the top, you feel inspired, you feel special, hopeful, happy, and most of all, proud of yourself," the 77-year-old shared on the 47th anniversary of his breakthrough role.

He told the crowd, "Life is a fight. It's a tough fight and get ready. You're going to win some, and you're gonna lose a lot."

"But the real victory is in never giving up and going the distance for yourself your loved ones, and standing at the top of these steps you're reminded that all things are possible. Keep punching," the 77-year-old added.

Sylvester also opened up about his early career struggles, "Naivete is great. You have all of these dreams and aspirations, and you haven’t been embittered yet when life beats ya down. I was very ambitious because there was no 'plan B.' At the time, all I had to fall back on was my butt."