Sunday, December 10, 2023

Meghan Markle's friend blasts accusations against Royal Family

Meghan Markle's past friend Lizzie doesn't believe the 'Suits' actress had nothing to do with Omid Scobie's 'Endgame'

Meghan Markles past friend Lizzie doesnt believe the Suits actress had nothing to do with Omid Scobies Endgame
Meghan Markle's past friend Lizzie doesn't believe the 'Suits' actress had nothing to do with Omid Scobie's 'Endgame'

Meghan Markle's former friend Lizzie has fiercely defended King Charles and Princess Kate from race row claims made in Omid Scobie's new book, Endgame.

Scobie suggested in his biography that the monarch and Princess of Wales were the two royals who voiced "concerns" about Archie's skin before his birth, as alleged by Meghan and Harry in their Oprah interview.

Lizzie fumed that the book is clearly aided by Meghan to continue trying to divide the royal family by accusing senior members of being racist.

Lizzie said: "We’re not being fooled, we know this book has had help from Meghan Markle, it may have Scobie's name on the front cover but we all know she’s helped him before. This is another attempt to put a firework into the Royal Family and split them up accusing King Charles of Catherine of being racist. Meghan won't be the top dog. If she's welcomed back, it'll just mean another book."

The friend slammed Scobie for first claiming no knowledge of how the king and princess ended up named in the Dutch version, before admitting he included it in drafts. She compared it to Meghan saying sorry after "forgetting" briefing Scobie for Finding Freedom.

"Scobie said he initially had no idea how the King and the Princess of Wales's name got into the Dutch translation but then later admitted he did include it in the original manuscript. This is just like when Meghan said sorry to a court after 'forgetting' she gave the clearance for her former staff to brief Scobie on Finding Freedom.”

Praising Kate, the Princess of Wales, she said, “Catherine has never put a foot wrong and has been the backbone of the future of the Royal Family."

Scobie has denied taking guidance from Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex on Endgame. However, Lizzie insists the book aims to further claims made on Oprah that set off a major debate about racism in the royal family.