Jurassic World announces return with a new director

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Jurassic World is back with a new director
Jurassic World is back with a new director

The dinosaur franchise promises a fourth installment to the epic Jurassic World after securing a fresh director.

After parting ways with Deadpool 2’s David Leitch due to creative differences, Universal Pictures has now confirmed that the new installment will be led by Godzilla’s director.

Promising a ‘new era’ in the franchise, the movie is written by the original Jurassic Park writer David Koepp and executive produced by Spielberg through Amblin Entertainment, with Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley producing through Kennedy-Marshall.

Considering that the studio was hunting for a director experienced in handling major productions and planning to commence production shortly after David Leitch's exit from the franchise, Edward ended up top choice. 

Edward has experience in working with tumultuous production thanks to Rogue One, Godzilla and his legendary work Monsterverse. The director also demonstrated remarkable efforts and his way around budgets and special effects with last year’s original thriller movie The Creator, which reached a milestone of $100 million at the worldwide box office.

In light of this, Edward’s selection as the new director has left the Internet ablaze with the audience, peaked with excitement, turning to X (Formerly Twitter) to share their views on the announcement.

A user wrote, “THAT'S MY GOAT”, which is an acronym for Greatest of All Times.

Another fan expressed his curiosity and shared, “I can't wait to shout ABSOLUTE CINEMA at the cinema”, with a reaction image of film director Martin Scorsese raising his hands captioned with the catchphrase.

A third user declared the movie's victory as he wrote, “rogue one and the creator yeah that's a HUGE W”, (W is an Internet slang for Win or success).

While another reflected on Edward’s Godzilla and shared, “Gareth Edward’s Jurassic World is about to be a f****** all timer , just look at this s***!”.

And another fan noted, “Universal studios got the right man for this job. Excited to the core. Hopefully a Gareth Edwards jurrasic world trilogy” (sic).

Edward’s selection as the new director has ignited enthusiasm among the fans.