Prince Harry knows Meghan Markle is 'absolutely against' UK return

Prince Harry knows he can never be a part-time working royal family member

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Prince Harry knows Meghan Markle is absolutely against UK return

Prince Harry has seemingly been eyeing a key-role in the Royal household.

The Duke of Sussex, who is reportedly 'shocked' at his father, King Charles' cancer diagnosis, will have to take wife Meghan Markle's permission before moving back to the UK.

Royal expert Tom Quinn tells Mirror: "Harry knows he will never be allowed to be a permanent part-time working royal staying six months in the States and then six months in the UK."

He adds: "The family no longer trust him and, besides, Meghan is absolutely against it. There is far too much bad blood now for it to be even a remote possibility."

"Harry was apparently visibly shocked and upset when he heard that his father had cancer. Having lost his mother aged 12 he had come to assume that, whatever their ups and downs, his father would enjoy the longevity enjoyed by the late Queen and Prince Philip," Quinn continued.

‌"For all his complaints in Spare and in various TV interviews, Harry is still a lost little boy underneath and on hearing that his father was ill, I'm told that he immediately wanted to do something practical to help, but he will have known that his offer to help could be made safe in the knowledge that it would be rejected. And even if Harry was allowed back temporarily his wife would not be part of the package.

‌"Harry will not move back to the UK without Meghan – not even for a few months. But he had to make the offer because anything else would have looked callous and uncaring. No one in the Royal Family wants to go back to the terrible days when Meghan and Harry and William and Kate tried to get along and failed – and caused serious damage to the image of the Royal Family."