Tom Cruise ‘still in touch' with Elsina Khayrova after ‘cooling things down'

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Tom Cruise ‘still in touch’ with Elsina Khayrova after ‘cooling things down’
Tom Cruise ‘still in touch’ with Elsina Khayrova after ‘cooling things down’

Tom Cruise had no other choice but to cool things down with Elsina Khayrova after media took too much interest in their love life, an insider has claimed.

According to Page Six, the Mission: Impossible megastar felt their romance was going too fast and hence he “cooled things down” but the two are “still in touch.”

People close to the actor have also confirmed that Cruise’s romance with Khayrova is over but the insider said that anything can happen when it is about the superstar.

The insider told the publication that Cruise “felt things were moving too fast, especially in the media,” before noting “he wasn’t there yet, so he’s cooled things down, but they are still in touch.”

“Tom wants to go slow with whoever he sees, as he feels he’s been burned by several of his exes,” they revealed before adding that Cruise had wanted to keep the romance more private.

They continued: “Some in Tom’s group of acquaintances say it’s over, but with Tom you never really know how that will happen.”

Khayrova also has “her own fortune that allows her to do as she pleases,” the insider said.

This comes after a report by The Sun claimed that Cruise has “cooled off the romance” with Khayrova just two months after they went public with their relationship during a party in London’s Grosvenor Square.

Even though Cruise has broken up with the Russian beauty, he still wants to be friends with her as they live in the same apartment block in London.

“To end things on a bad note would have been awkward if they'd bumped into each other in the lift,” they said. “There are no hard feelings between them and for Tom, their relationship simply ran its course.”