'Star Wars' animation future hinges on Lucasfilm nod

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Star Wars animation future hinges on Lucasfilm nod
'Star Wars' animation future hinges on Lucasfilm nod

Star Wars has super-hit animated shows. However, since The Bad Batch is reaching its conclusion, the fate of the animation universe of the sci-fi franchise is unknown, at least for the series producers.

In a chat with ComicBook, the hit animated show's producer Jennifer Corbett said, "Obviously, we can't really speak as to if there's something in the works or not, but I will just say that the team at Lucasfilm Animation, it's been a pleasure working with them, because they are so fantastic at what they do, and have such passion for what they do."

"If there is stuff in the future, I'm going to watch and be a fan because I love all the things that they do," she added.

While another producer, Brad Rau, added, "Sign me up. I want to watch more."

In the meantime, in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3, "the Batch will have their limits tested in the fight to reunite with Omega as she faces challenges of her own inside a remote Imperial science lab."

"With the group fractured and facing threats from all directions, they will have to seek out unexpected allies, embark on dangerous missions, and muster everything they have learned to free themselves from the Empire," according to Disney+.