Photographer reported Taylor Swift's father's aggression, asserts innocence

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Photographer reported Taylor Swift’s father’s aggression, asserts innocence
Photographer reported Taylor Swift’s father’s aggression, asserts innocence 

Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Swift, was recently accused of assaulting a photographer in Australia and now the alleged victim has stepped forward to share his perspective on the situation.

Earlier on Tuesday, Scott Swift landed in trouble after news of him punching a photographer broke. Following this, a police report was filed against him by the victim. However, Swift's team initially turned down the allegations. 

The photographer, Ben McDonald, has now spoken up. “There was no situation where we were aggressive," he told Fox News Digital, denying claims of provoking the altercation. 

“You know, I was not aggressive. They just didn't call for it, you know what I mean?" he added, "I think that the security detail were annoyed by the fact that we discovered where they were getting her off".

Addressing the statement issued by Swift’s rep, he said this is “what I would expect from them trying to issue a statement. I mean, they come from a very powerful place”.

Previously, Taylor’s spokesperson told the news outlet that, “Two individuals were aggressively pushing their way towards Taylor, grabbing at her security personnel, and threatening to throw a female staff member into the water", which led to the incident.

Rejecting claims of provoking Scott Swift, McDonalds shared that they used umbrellas to shield the popstar and later ‘shoved it at’ him before punching.

"So then they got in the car and took off, and then I went into the cop shop and reported it", he asserted.