Jennifer Lopez spills on middle child woes

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Jennifer Lopez spills on middle child woes
Jennifer Lopez spills on middle child woes

Jennifer Lopez recently opened up about her childhood and why she was neglected.

The 54-year-old pop star released her documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told on Tuesday in which she spoke about her “inner turmoil.”

Jennifer, who was middle child between her two sisters Leslie and Lynda, claimed that she did not get enough love which prompted her to work hard in order to get noticed.

Giving the inside scoop on her parents, she also shared how hard it was to have a 'narcissistic' mother who was 'the life of the party' and an absentee dad who’d pull all-nighters and sleep through the day.

Jennifer then credited Ben for being her ultimate hype man who made her see that “she’s a real talent.”

“What he said and what he saw in me, and what he made me believe about myself, only comes from love. Because nobody else could have made me see that about myself. It's very moving,” she said tearfully.

Jennifer added: “We're totally different people now and we're the same and we have the same love 100 percent. Like I'd never fallen out of love with you. I had to just put it over here.”