Meghan Markle asked to ‘work quietly' on brand amid Royal Family stress

Meghan Markle is asked to be aware of Royal family crisis amid new brand launch

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Meghan Markle is told to be considerate of Kate Middleton ahead of launching her own brand.

The Duchess of Sussex is reminded to look for the optics especially amid the Princess of Wales cancer diagnosis.

PR expert Lynn Carratt said: "As Meghan is no longer part of the Monarchy, she is free to launch her brand whenever she likes.”

She tells Mirror: "However, given Kate's ongoing cancer treatments, it would be wise for Meghan to be sensitive to the timing of her brand launch, considering the public support for Kate worldwide.”

Lynn added: "It might be best for Meghan to work quietly on her brand behind the scenes for now and launch it publicly sometime in the summer when we've received some good news about Kate and King Charles's health."