Prince Andrew asked to be ‘ignored' until he goes away

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Prince Andrew has been ridiculed by Sharon Osbourne in a recent statement.

The Duke of York, who was stripped of his royal titles and military patronages back in 2021, is urged to retire in peace.

Speaking on Talk TV, Osbourne noted: “ think less is more. I think that he should really go into retirement. I don’t have much respect for him or any respect for him whatsoever.

“Does it mean anything when you’re the Duke of York or Sussex? They’re so tiny these little places. What does it mean in the big picture of life?

She then continued: “I think he's just a bit of a p*****k. You just have to ignore him and hope he goes away.”

Prince Andrew was accused of sexually assaulting American citizen Virgina Giuffre back when she was still a teenager. The Royal was sued by the victim back in 2021 after which he opted for an out of court settlement.